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适当的时间,总有适当的话 - 使用音频质量优异的旅游词典和语言教练机 iSayHello,可离线使用:音频全由母语讲者整备专业朗读。现更加入额外的翻译工具。

旅行中突如其来的打情骂俏或遗失行李 – 那种体验往往令人欲语无言。此时此地,要酷又要畅所欲言,会讲话的旅游词典提供新一款的言论自由!

iSayHello 有支援你的词句,由母语讲者朗读,不单能学习准确发音 – 还有轻而易举的操作,11堂紧凑的课,让iPhone/iPod Touch 代言的选项,使身居海外的交流易如反掌。

此外,iSayHello 配备有以Google 翻译为基础的线上翻译工具,因此从单字到整个句子都可以便捷地翻译成所需的语言。用当地语言书写的餐厅菜单或者交通讯号?这些问题都迎韧而解!



+ 11 课,备有渡假和旅游最重要的语句,离线,因此更能独立使用!
+ 达到自然语言音频最高质量和专业水准的要求!
+ 课文全由母语讲者朗读,还能播放呢!
+ 简易的用户指南!
+ 至爱短语,附一目了然的至爱功能!
+ 附加简短句子的线上翻译工具!

iSayHello 提供11 明确题目的语言知识:

+ 日常物事
+ 抵达/海关
+ 问候语
+ 一般
+ 酒店/外币兑换
+ 购物
+ 饮食
+ 调情
+ 紧急情况
+ 数字
+ 足球

Admovi 的App Store 提供更多的语言课程:

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Find the right words at the right moment with iSayHello, the travel phrasebook and language course that doesn’t just have a great audio output but can also be used offline and has been professionally recorded by native speakers. Moreover it is now equipped with Google’s translation tool.

iSayHello’s features:

+ 11 lessons with the most important phrases for your holiday or trip, offline and therefore able to be used independently!
+ Highest standard in quality and professional audio output
+ Every text is spoken by native speakers and is able to be played out
+ Easy to navigate
+ Your favourite phrases can be added to the “favourites” function so that they’re always in sight!
+ An additional online translation tool for short and simple sentences!