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iSayHelloでは、ネイティブの発音付き慣用句を使って正確な発音が学べるだけでなく、その使いやすさや、分かりやすい11のテーマを扱ったレッスン、加えてiPhone/ iPod Touchを使った発声機能で、海外での意思の疎通が容易になります。







AdmoviのApp Storeにある語学レッスンはこちら:

+ スペイン語レッスン
+ 英語レッスン
+ イタリア語レッスン
+ フランス語レッスン
+ ポルトガル語レッスン(南米/EU)
+ ポーランド語レッスン
+ ドイツ語レッスン
+ ロシア語レッスン
+ 中国語レッスン
+ 日本語レッスン

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Find the right words at the right moment with iSayHello, the travel phrasebook and language course that doesn’t just have a great audio output but can also be used offline and has been professionally recorded by native speakers. Moreover it is now equipped with Google’s translation tool.

iSayHello’s features:

+ 11 lessons with the most important phrases for your holiday or trip, offline and therefore able to be used independently!
+ Highest standard in quality and professional audio output
+ Every text is spoken by native speakers and is able to be played out
+ Easy to navigate
+ Your favourite phrases can be added to the “favourites” function so that they’re always in sight!
+ An additional online translation tool for short and simple sentences!